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Agustin Eisman Moreno


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Skateboarding pro Review

Skateboarding pro is an application created by Agustin Eisman Moreno. Skateboarding pro was first published on . The app is accessible for Steam.

Skateboarding pro is a skate game set in the United States. Take control of your skateboarder to skate through cities to complete the objectives of each scene, skate through cities such as Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Hawaii, Alaska, San Francisco.
- Meets different objectives: Jump cones, dodge cars, collect letters, coins, destroy boxes, grind, etc.
- Scenarios in 2d, with some 3d element.
- Control with controller or keyboard
- Fantastic animations of the skater, performs tricks like: kickflip, ollie, melon, 540 pop shove it, pop shove it, ollie north, etc.

Skateboarding pro

4.2 / 5

Skateboarding pro Logo
Author: Agustin Eisman Moreno
Size: 900 MB available space

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