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Rift Racoon Review

Rift Racoon is an application designed by Marcos Game Dev. Rift Racoon was first published on . The app is available for Steam.

Rift Racoon is an intense precision platformer about a lost racoon with a curious sci-fi abillity: teleportation! Tucker needs your help to find his way back home and avoid the mysterious robot that doesn't get off his tail.

You'll combine every abillity your character has with engaging environmental mechanics to complete 50 exhilarating platforming levels!

Main Features

  • Really Tough Challenges - 50 unique, handcrafted levels that will test the skills of even the most advanced platformer players!
  • Tight and Juicy - Controls are fine tuned so that it's fun to climb and teleport around the game's environments!
  • Eye Candy - Visuals are inspired by retro games and animation movies. Expect some colorful, cute and nostalgic sights!
  • Original Soundtrack - Rift Racoon will literally be music for your ears, with over 10 tracks that blend retro and modern styles!
  • Colorful - There's one diamond hidden in each level, to a total of 50. Collect them all to unlock amazing new color patterns for your racoon!
  • Thrilling to Complete - Completionist players will be pleased by a numerous amount of achievements to accomplish in this game!
  • Just to be sure - You did read that you play as a teleporting racoon, right? What more is there to say?

The controls are easy to learn, but hard to master. You'll learn from each defeat and respawn very quickly, getting back to action almost immediately!

And no, Racoon isn't mispelled. It can be "Raccoon" or "Racoon", okay?

Rift Racoon

4 / 5

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Author: Marcos Game Dev
Size: 200 MB available space

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