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Mad Princess: The Great Gladiators Review

Mad Princess: The Great Gladiators is an application by Atorasoft. Mad Princess: The Great Gladiators was first published on . It is available on the following platforms: Steam, Other.

Choose your own path in this gladiator role-playing game.
The player starts off as an incarcerated criminal, forced to fight for their life.
After they succeed in leaving the prison, they will embark on a grueling journey to sharpen their skills.

This game is played using a keyboard and a mouse.
Left Click: Select, Confirm
Right Click: Cancel, Return to previous screen, Close window
Scroll Wheel: Scroll up and down lists
Keyboard: For inputting name at the start of game
Control Key: Skip message, skip battle scenes (fast-forward)

- Battles and explorations can be carried out easily using the mouse.
- When battling in the arena as a criminal, lose in the battle and lose the game.
- Lose in certain important battles in critical scenes and the game will also be over.
- Rest at an inn to recover HP and save game data.
- After getting out of prison, the player is free to explore and travel to different places and experience various storylines.
- The player is free to choose whether or not to pursue each storyline.
- As time passes, the situations at different areas change, and the ending changes depending on the player’s actions.
- A variety of characters appear in this game, and fulfilling certain criteria will allow the player to make them a comrade.
- Win a tournament to receive prize money and gain popularity (fame).
- Weapons and armor can be obtained from the markets or treasure chests in exploration dungeons (keys required to open them).
- Fighting styles change according to weapon types.
- Equipment obtained can be customized (enhanced).
- Points can be spent at the camp for training.
- Points can be earned through various methods explained in the game.
- Money can be obtained through various methods, e.g. completing requests at the tavern, trading in items, winning in the tournament, etc.
- The character will be rewarded when they pay off their debt completely.

An Empire at the peak of prosperity.
In cities with large populations, governance is carried out by means of Coliseum tournaments.

This game is set in the Imperial city of Caertina, where they hold extreme bestiarii events.
Beasts are caught in great numbers from the nearby wilderness, trained, and pitted against gladiators.

You are a criminal detained in the Imperial city prison and forced to fight as a gladiator.
In order to be released from that hell, you must survive the grueling battles you are put through one after another.

Mad Princess: The Great Gladiators

4 / 5

Mad Princess: The Great Gladiators Logo
Author: Atorasoft
Size: 400 MB available space

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